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In a world of Profit-driven business, we at Flyaway work following a customer driven business model. Back in 2015 Flyaway was just an idea, an idea of building an enterprise that will not only provide a hassle free and cost-effective IT service but also providing our customers with an unmatched Quality Service. With this idea, we started and worked our way bit by bit to make this idea a reality.


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The very same idea is now a prospering Enterprise based out of Lucknow with a team of highly skilled and creative IT professionals and Software developers with an expertise in the field of E-commerce, ERP, Hosting and managing Web Applications and the list goes on and on. Flyaway is equipped with a wonderful and passionate team at your service. So with that being said, if you a requirement of any of the services we provide then we are here we are waiting! - Our main objective is to nurture and prosper our clients objectives and to accompalish their needs of some better perception.

Culture is important to flyaway corporation, our company values aren't just paper statements. This is a stimulating and fun place to work. Happy and smart people create better service. Like many providers, we recognise that plain speaking is a key element in your decision-making and ensuring that your technology works for you.

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A focused, hardworking and determined towards delivery and customer satisfaction enterprise with zeal to revolutionize development industry!

Team with X-gen knowledge and excellent skills in developing programs and strategies. This company soon can achieve optimal levels of performance and accomplishment with their open and positive attitude